Our Aluminum OVERLANDER 4runner bumper series is designed light weight and still strong focusing on strength and durability all while maintaining a low weight and superior design elements.

DeMello Off-Road Aluminum bumpers are built to the highest standards with a industry leading design elements such as our 1in vertical up-rights that tie the whole bumper together with a one piece shackle. The bumper is further re-enforced with a thick integrated internal structure system that not only makes the bumpers strong but helps while using them as a recovery point.

Key elements of Aluminum overlander bumpers:

  • Light weight (estimated 50-60lbs)
  • 1"pass through shackle mounting
  • fully interegrate internal structure
  • key locked bumpers, not just butted up edges but laser key slotted before welding
  • 3/16" skin
  • 3/16" internal bracing
  • 1/4" winch mounting
  • 1" verticle up rights
  • easy access winch holes
  • 3.5" off road universal light mounts
  • 34" opening on top of bumper for light bar mount
  • high clearence

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