Warranty and Liability


All parts are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship prior to installation. Any alteration, improper use, or modification will void this warranty. This warranty is extended by DeMello to the original purchaser.  This warranty is effective for 90 days from the date of purchase.  Any description of the goods is for sole purpose of identifying them, is not a part of the bargain, and does not constitute a warranty that the goods will conform to that description.  Any sample, model or advertised item is for illustrative purposes only, is not part of the basis for the bargain, and is not to be construed as a warranty that the good will conform to the sample, model, or advertised item.  No affirmation of fact or promise made by DeMello Off-Road, will constitute a warranty that the goods will conform to the affirmation or promise. Purchasers and users of our products are responsible for determining the applicability of a product to their specific application. In the event of a defect, malfunction, or failure to conform with this warranty, then DeMello Off-Road will repair or replace the goods without charge within 30 days of receipt of goods.  If DeMello Off-Road is unable to replace and/or repair the goods or is DeMello Off-Road, in its sole discretion, determines that neither is commercially practicable or cannot be made within 30 days of receipt of the goods, DeMello Off-Road will refund the purchase price.  The purchaser is responsible for installation and removal of all parts, freight or shipping costs, and incidental or consequential damages.


DeMello Off-Road reserves the right to change the design, materials, specifications and suppliers of any product we offer without incurring any liability or obligation to our customers, or to the suppliers of any such product. DeMello Off-Road reserves the right to change pricing and availability at any time without notice. We make every effort to present accurate information to our customers; however, we do not accept responsibility for any misprints, misunderstandings, or typographical errors, whether in general content or pricing. If you find anything which appears to be misleading, please bring it to our attention. We always appreciate comments and suggestions.


Aftermarket accessories are intended to modify and/or prepare a vehicle for uses which exceed conditions anticipated by the vehicle manufacturer. These uses include high performance demands and negotiation of rough terrain. These conditions have extreme variance and cannot be controlled by the vehicle manufacturer or aftermarket accessory manufacturer. Therefore, the safe control of your vehicle is entirely your responsibility. Do not purchase parts from DeMello Off-Road unless you are willing to accept this responsibility. Do not install any DeMello Off-Road part that you do not feel competent at installing without causing present or future injury to yourself or others; consult a professional installer. All parts sold by DeMello Off-Road are for off road racing use only and are not intended for use on the street. Modification of your vehicle to enhance performance with the parts sold by DeMello Off-Raod can result is dangerous situations that may result in bodily harm. The buyer hereby assumes all risks associated with any such modifications. DeMello Off-Raod will not accept responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising from the failure of any parts manufactured or sold by DeMello Off-Road.